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VIERI’s mission is to create precious jewellery that holds a special value for anyone who encounters it.

In addition to its in-house products, the company works with talented contemporary designers to create the unique VIERI collections. VIERI provides a platform for artistic ventures wherever Haute Joaillerie, creativity and ethically sourced materials define new standards in meaningful luxury.

VIERI believes that responsible behaviour and luxury are inseparably linked, and that this relationship helps to define the new vision of luxury.

Every piece of jewellery from VIERI is made with respect for people and the environment, and has maximum impact on the well-being of people who experience it.

VIERI is a highly service-oriented company and aims for maximum transparency. This means customers are able to make purchase decisions in total awareness.

To VIERI, people’s well-being is most important. We appreciate our talented employees and encourage honest partnerships. VIERI is committed to supporting projects that will encourage change in the jewellery industry.