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„What is true luxury?? Shouldn’t a luxury product have a positive effect on everyone who comes into contact with it?“

Guya Merkle took over the management of the company in 2007, following her father’s sudden death. During travels to Peru, Guya met workers at several gold mines and discovered that they were permanently exposed to toxic materials without being aware of it. The experience had a profound effect on her and redefined her thinking of true luxury. By establishing long-term partnerships with gold mines and producers, the company is able to guarantee complete transparency. Since 2013 VIERI not only uses ethically sourced gold, but also gives back to gold mining communities.

With her creations Guya Merkle focuses on all the roles modern women take on today. VIERI creates collections for women, which shows them all their facets and the different roles they fill out. Strength meets softness; colorfulness is confronted with subtle gold tones. Black meets rose gold – cocktail rings opposite delicate bracelets. Every facet of a woman is mirrored in a collection. For every moment, every feeling, every role, that you choose.