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              Engagement Ring Part. 4

Engagement Ring Part. 4

And finally I would like to quickly turn to a frequently asked question: Where do you actually wear the engagement ring?

In Germany and in most countries the engagement ring is worn on the left ring finger – on the side of your heart. If this is later supplemented with a wedding ring, at least in Germany and Austria the wedding ring is worn on the right ring finger. If you look in Switzerland and the United States, however, the wedding ring is then worn on the left hand and the engagement ring moves to the right hand.

At the risk of once again repeating myself, please do what your instinct tells you. After receiving the most wonderful marriage proposal, and after my fiancé gazed at me quizzically with a mixture of happiness and despair as to whether it really was the right hand, I just had to smile and thought, no matter which finger he would have put the ring on, I would have said yes – irrevocably and forever.

Wear the ring where you think it looks beautiful, where you feel comfortable and where it feels best. This is because, irrespective of the ring, the feeling of having found the person for you, the certainty of wanting to spend a lifetime together simply because you’re perfect for each other, and the happiness that you both naturally radiate is the most beautiful symbol of this decision.

Incidentally, I will simply wear my wedding ring on the same finger as my engagement ring. Simply because it feels good!