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VIERI believes that fine jewellery and responsible business practice cannot exist without each other.

That is why we want to build a business on solid ethical and social principles.

Respect the Beautiful is our expression for our sustainable actions.

We use ethically sourced and recycled gold for every piece we make and through personal relationships with our producers in Italy and Germany we make sure, that the way our jewellery is made doesn’t just ensure the highest quality but also the best standards.

We are constantly challenging ourselves to become better and better. We are far away from perfect, but we want to create something meaningful and honest. We believe that this is the first step towards taking responsibility.

VIERIs founder and owner Guya Merkle created the earthbeat foundation in 2013 after visiting regular working ASM communities in Peru in 2012. She never expected these horrible conditions and was shocked about the huge gap between the sourcing of gold and the products we make out of it. Jewellery is a very emotional and desirable luxury good. So it was evident to her, that besides building VIERI on sustainable pillars, she wanted to go one step further and create a positive vision for gold and its future.

The foundation is concentrating on a better future for gold mining communities working in small-scale mining all around the world. Its core objectives are awareness creation and small projects focusing on alternative income solutions for the mines, mostly in the form of social businesses. Thereby, it is crucial to us that we work hand in hand with the communities to see what their ideas and needs are. At the moment we are working with 80 miners on a honey business. They will become beekeepers harvesting their own honey. We call it liquid gold.

VIERI is contributing to the foundation as a company and in also created the Respect the Beautiful Collection to invite the customers to become part of the movement. 10% of the retail price directly goes into the projects of the foundation.

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