VIERI Essential Collection E-waste Recycled Gold Sapphires Sustainable

Essential Collection

The Essential Collection combines everything that is important to VIERI - creating beautiful jewelery that accompanies people and at the same time makes the world more beautiful bit by bit.

With Closing The Loop, VIERI has found the right partner for the new Essential Collection - Closing The Loop has set itself the task of extracting precious metals from electronic scrap and, together with local partners, is concentrating on the collection and recycling of mobile phones in Africa. The Essentials collection is all about this effect and to put this in the spotlight, Guya Merkle has chosen to focus on timelessness that gives the greatest possible space to the story behind it. The classics are made in Germany in 18k rose, white and yellow gold and include rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. The stones that refine the jewelry are exclusively sapphires of the best quality and from sustainable mining in Sri Lanka. Let yourself be enchanted by the classic design of the VIERI Essential Collection, which is also the perfect companion for everyday life, the classic gift for special occasions and at the same time does something good.