VIERI Golden Cloud Halskette 18k recyceltes Gold
VIERI Golden Cloud Halskette 18k recyceltes Gold
Golden Cloud Halskette - VIERI Fine Jewellery

Gold Cloud Necklace

Regular price 950 EUR
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Our iconic Golden Cloud necklace is a statement piece and your everyday companion. Crafted from 18k recycled gold, the cloud is curved to fit your neck perfectly.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to make this necklace in 18k rose gold. If you are interested in the necklace in rose gold, please send us an email to

Not only do we use ethically correct materials, but above all we want to change something and have an effect where it really matters.

As a company, VIERI supports the work of the company Closing the Loop with 7.5% of the total turnover. CLP has set itself the goal of reducing e-waste and bringing the metals it contains, such as gold, back into the natural cycle through urban mining.

50% of annual profits are invested in the independent Earthbeat Foundation . In this way, we not only offer our customers the opportunity to become part of the change and to support this initiative with every purchase, but also close a cycle that makes sense for us, in which we give back and thus offer opportunities for change.

We are also a proud partner of World Gold Day .

Every piece of jewelry for you is made personally in our manufactory. We do this with a lot of love and without compromise, so the delivery time is about 6 weeks.

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