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When Guya Merkle took over management of the company in 2007, following her father’s sudden death, she was 21 years old, studying communications and marketing while working for the online fundraising platform For the first time ever she was confronted with the question, if she could envision herself having a career in the world of Haute Joaillerie.

After her studies at the GIA in London and several trips to the source of the gold in South America and Africa, Guya re-launched the brand in 2013 with a new vision of a jewelry company. It wasn´t easy to take the traditional family business in a new direction and to basically start from scratch.

Her vision “to build a company that not only produces and acts responsibly, but also makes the world a more beautiful and better place with its products. This means building up appreciation of our planet and all humans and to show that luxury products really can be luxury products – only if everyone involved, receives what they deserve and is treated with respect.