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VIERI believes that fine jewellery and responsible business practice cannot exist without each other. Driven by the desire to create a positive impact in every aspect of the company, Guya Merkle made this her mission, as she took on the family business.

The desire to make a difference was further strengthened during Guya’s travels to Peru. There, she met workers at the gold mines and discovered they were regularly exposed to toxic materials without being aware of it. This realisation had a profound effect on Guya, which prompted her to redefine her vision of true luxury. Since 2013, VIERI is proud to solely use ethically sourced gold or recycled materials and gemstones while implementing targeted initiatives to give back to gold mining communities.

VIERI is working closely together with the earthbeat foundation, which was founded in 2013. By giving 10% of every sold piece of the Respect the Beautiful Collection, VIERI makes sure to invest in alternative income solutions for people working in the gold mines as well as protecting the environment and making sure that the topic is getting more and more exposure and awareness.

In recognition of VIERI’s commitment, Positive Luxury has awarded the Butterfly Mark to the company.