Rudolf Merkle Guya Merkle's Grandfather first founded the company in the 1930ies

At the end of the 1930ties, Rudolf Merkle, Guya Merkle’s Grandfather, founded the jewellery wholesales company Rudolf Merkle in Pforzheim, the stronghold of the German jewellery industry. Inspired by his Italian wife Eva Gaietta, a relative to the royal house de la Serra, the jewels created by the company increasingly became more elegant. When Rudolf Merkle died in 1965, his then only 17-year-old son Eddi Vieri Merkle, took over the business. With a mixture of Italian charisma and south-German performance ethic, the success of the company was positively increased. Thanks to the modern designs by his wife Kate, a Belgian theatre scholar, the company received orders from Japan and the United Arab Emirates in the 1980ies. From this time on, the company was active in three business areas: The sales of the brands own collections and those of other brands, as well as handling the production for other jewellery companies.

When Eddy Merkle suddenly died in 2007, the faith of the company was entirely undecided.

His, then 21-year-old, daughter Guya Merkle decided to change the company according to her ideas completely. At the Baselworld 2013, she launches the brand VIERI. Already connecting tradition with the modern age by choosing the new brand name: VIERI was the second name of her father.

Since 2015, VIERI is based in Berlin and uses the creative vibe in the city to adjust internationally.