Tell us a little something about you and MDC Cosmetic

During my time as managing director of the Andreas Murkudis Store, I noticed that many brands from various fields tried to place their products in the known concept stores. At one point more and more cosmetic brands were looking to place their products in these stores. Of course there are beauty products out there that are strictly lifestyle products, but there are also many brands which offer specialized ones.

The daily work with beauty products taught me, that they as well as fragrances need an intensive, personal and fundamental consultation. The needs for cosmetic care products are very personal and individual. Without specific knowledge some questions can´t be answered if you are looking for an effective product. A trained fashion sales person or a student working in the shop is not able to deliver that, at which point it became clear to me that this sort of consultancy is only possible in the right environment.

In the summer of 2012 I decided to open a small beauty store with an in store treatment room. Even the beauty and fragrance brands slowly realize that a specialized surrounding is able to transport the true meaning of each product will ultimately help the brands image. With that long term relationships and close cooperation will be beneficiary for the customer. Nowadays a lot of brands are either opening up mono brand stores or a looking for a way into specialized stores.

Are you noticing a change in the awareness of people regarding quality and the way they are manufactured?

Appearance and the ideal of beauty were always very important subjects in all societies. Those who comply these outer ideals where looked up to and automatically had more power. Which is true today as it was in the last centuries, but it is always a question of perspective. People are not longer trying to hide their age, but they are looking for a healthy and fresh skin, even with wrinkles.

Besides that, the attitude towards the environment is enormous: we are questioning and testing stronger, we realize environmental problems and we are asking for more sustainability in the products we use and eat. Which is why I believe that consumerism will change in regards to health, care and nutrition, I hope towards higher qualities. That products are made without animal testing is obvious for our clients.

Which basics to you recommend every woman?

The basics of course have to be coordinated to the individual skin type. A good cleanser and a coordinated daily skin care are the right starting point. From my experience: less is sometimes more!

Are you interested in art?

Not taking into consideration, that for me, life is art, I am very much interested in the arts.

How would you describe your style?

Practical elegance.

Are you wearing jewelry?

I like to wear jewelry, but only if the pieces have a meaning for me.

Do you have a favorite book?

When I was twelve my grandmother gave me “Parzival” by Wolfram von Eschenbach. I still read the book from time to time, because the story still touches me.

Your biggest dream?

I will tell you about it, when it´s time…