Hanna Schumi is one of the leading beauty journalists in Germany and with her blog “’Foxy Cheeks’“ she is not only delivering inspiration and beautiful images, but shares her big love for cosmetics and beauty with her readers on a daily basis. Hanna has luckily shared her beauty essentials with us:

Which beauty products are your absolute must haves?

A meticulous cleaning, an effective skin care, loads of moisturizing, sun care and a solid, simple make-up are very important to me.

A first step is an enzyme peeling, for example the “Daily Micfrofoliant” from Dermalogica, together with a gentle cleansing gel is a MUST for me. In order for my skin to stay in shape I am doing a cleansing mask at least once a week and I end this mini treatment with moisturizing drops or pure hyaluronic acid. For this I am using the ampoules from Dr. Barbara Sturm, they are genius. I of course use a face cream on a daily bases, for example the “M Cream” from 3lab – expensive, but a dream. I wear sunscreen daily, there a lot of really good, lightweight cremes, that do not paste up the skin. My favorite: the Anthelios Fluid from La Roche Posay. After that I apply a balancing make-up (Even Better Foundation by Clinique), mascara, color and shaping my eyebrows (e.g.from Catrice) and lipstick – sometime in red, sometime in rosewood.



How does your morning beauty routine look?

The very first thing I need is a contrast shower, then a coffee (very important!) followed by a little skincare ritual. Important for me is, that the cleansing gel in the morning is moisturizing and doesn´t dehydrate the skin. Right now I love to use the Hydrating Cleanser by M Picaut or the Milky Jelly Cleanser by Glossier. After that I apply a serum on my face (e.g. from Kypris or Royal Fern), then a face cream. I like everything from Reviderm, but I have to test a lot and I try to scale that down. As an alternative to sunscreen cream I can actually recommend the Maestro UV Primer by Armani, it is light as a feather, a great base for every foundation while protecting the skin with a UV filter of 50.

In order for my dry skin on my legs and arms not to feel tight, I apply the Ideal Body Serummilch von Vichy daily. The soft gel creme doesn´t stick and smells delicately. And no morning without deodorant and perfume! I swear by the creme deodorant by Fine, and you get use to it being in a jar. And then perfume depending on my mood – Valentina by Valentino always works.




Foxy Cheeks Beauty Inspiration



Foxy Cheeks Beauty Inspiration


Foxy Cheeks Beauty Inspiration

Which beauty product is a real magic weapon?

Hyaluronic sheet masks. They cool and visibly bolster up the skin within 20 minutes. My favorites are from Magicstripes, Mesoestetic, Mizon, La Clé and Sampar. It´s wonderful to always have one at home. Especially before an important event or appointment it is a real magic weapon.

Do you have a beauty secret that your mom or your grand mother passed on to you?

I have to be honest: no. But I am still thankful to a Douglas sales woman, that changed my skin care routine with just one sentence. “Never forget the big face”. While saying that she painted a circle with her fingers, that reached from the forehead to the bust. And I believe that we often times forget about our neck and decollete, which should always be cared for as well.


Beauty favourites 

Superga love

Which beauty products to you always have with you?

It´s only two: concealer and lipstick. With a concealer you can not only re-apply below the eyes but freshen up the foundation on the go. And I of course need lipstick to re-apply during the day.

Do you have a favorite VIERI product?

Oh yes! The delicate Clouds Collection Ring is on top of my wish list for a very long time. I can actually imagine how this special piece is sparkling on my finger and in my imagination I pair the most beautiful nail colors in combination with the light stone. The ring is true perfection to me. I especially like the shimmering rain bow quartz and the timeless elegance.