What is your favorite piece of jewelry and what is your connection with it?

My favorite piece of jewelry is a necklace with a pendant on which the face of my dog Mala is engraved.

Where do you store your jewelry?

Not really, but I do have a jewelry drawer in my closet.

Why did you choose your Respect the Beautiful necklace? Was it the sentence or the color of the gold?

I never really wore rose-colored jewelry, but I just discovered that it actually flatters my complexion. So now I try to wear more rose gold pieces.

What do you love about being a woman?

Well I believe, that as a woman one can do and enjoy anything that a man can. In this respect I love everything that a human can love. The fact that I can feel deep emotions, that I can have relationships with other human beings and nature, I just love to breathe and be free ? BUT: in general I think women are just more beautiful than men. That might be the only “stereotype” that I can agree with.

A woman that you especially admire…

I admire all women that were able to free themselves from suppression and all women that, although they fled their country, are able to built up a new life.


You can definitely be considered a role model for your readers and you give modern feminism and the different roles that women have today a face. Do you make decisions or handle hurdles because of that differently or did this aspect make you more aware of your own percipience?

Absolutely. If you make yourself aware of your own responsibility as well as your educational mandate as a rather large medium, you start to act a lot more careful.

One advice that you received and that you want to pass on?

Beauty disappears, stupidity lasts.

You have been self-employed with your blog and more things for three years now. What was your biggest challenge and what did you learn about yourself?

The biggest challenge is for one to be a young human being and to trust yourself so much to actually dare to be independent. The other challenge is self-management. You don´t have any accountability towards anybody than yourself. If you fail, you cannot blame your colleague!

Which advice do you want to give women, which think about founding?

At a young age boys naturally learn how to handle competition and power. Competition can be something fun and exciting, but somehow it is always kept from girls. If a woman is tough, people tend to say that she fights with her elbows out. With keeping girls away from competition in a young age, they don´t learn that it is fun. Taking that into consideration I would advice: be confident, fight if you have to and don´t let yourself push into female clichés.

What do you think makes you a #vieriwoman?

I truly, deeply believe in VIERI, not only because sustainability is strongly routed in the company’s DNA, but also because I can relate to the strong personalities behind the brand. A VIERI Woman is self-confident, can laugh about herself and thinks about where her cloths and her jewelry come from.


VIERI exclusively works with ethically sourced gold and the respect towards all humans involved in process of gaining the resource is a main concern. When did you start to consume differently?

I changed my consume behavior in 2013, after I discovered and watched the documentary “Gift auf unserer Haut”.

You have become a activist for fair working conditions and an adequate handling of resources and humans in recent years. Did this process begin because you gained insights from being a blogger or do you think that you would be where you are today without this knowledge? 

The insights from being a blogger definitely accelerated the process. I am sure that I would of ended up where I am today at some point, but through my work I am confronted with a lot more, compared to not having the blog. To have the opportunity to work so closely with NGO´s and to support them, is something really fulfilling for me.

Not only you changed, but your readers did too. Did you loose some of your old readers and gained new ones or did they change with you?
I think the majority stayed with me. But I can´t say that for sure. The target group grew older with me, which is why I believe that the „old“ readers are still around. And I receive so much feedback from my readers, how they changed their lives with me as an inspiration. That is always a beautiful thing to read!

Do you think that you have a responsibility as a person of „public knowledge“ to be vocal about harsh conditions, even in your own country?

Absolutely! Every medium has educational goals and responsibilities. Especially in times with grievances like climate change, plastic pollution in the oceans and factory farming. Each one of these topics, should be important to ever and they can do something about them.

Do you notice a change with your readers? Are they becoming more critical and question certain things more?

Absolutely! It´s beautiful to see that readers change their way of life and when I hear that I played a part in the change. A lot of my readers stopped eating meat, some even became vegan. A 14-year-old girl wrote me, that she sold all of her clothes on “willhaben” (the Austrian ebay) in order to have money to buy sustainable clothes.

You are surrounded by beautiful things all day, to what extend did your feelings towards them change?

I see beauty in really small, simple things. We travelled to Island not long ago and in the dry, sparse Tundra I suddenly discovered a tiny flower. I have no idea how it was able to grow there, but it was a deeply moving and beautiful thing to see.

Will you tell us your 5 favorite Insta profiles or blogs or interior shops? Where do you find the most inspiration?

I love EllaGraceDenton, andrycurious, irinahp, campingwithdogs and hannes_becker

If you could fulfill yourself one dream, what would it be?

I would love to cycle around Island with my bike and just a tent.