Tell us a little something about you, how you came to Prag Sales and your newest project “Seulement en Detail”?

Prag Sales is a really natural development. During my business administration studies I already worked for a renowned Munich based fashion agency and I always dreamed of starting my own company. The only thing missing was a little bit of seniority and some experience. After a couple of years as Head of Sales at Michalsky the moment finally came. Now Prag Sales already exists for more than three years and it is growing beautifully! Seulement en Detail developed similarly and it is project that I am doing with my boyfriend Benjamin. What started last year as a production of simple Mock-Shirts as a favor for a friend has now become an independent label. Besides our classics we do launch four collections per year and are already listed at more than 40 awesome stores.

How do you decide to sign a new label to your agency? On which criteria´s is your decision based on?

Actually it always follows the same pattern: The collection has to speak to me personally. I love every single label that we represent at the agency. If I additional see potential with one of the finds for our market I like to consult with my partner and dear friend Mia Abadi who founded Prag Agency as a PR agency years ago. Or it works the other way around and she writes me euphorically about one of her “spotted brands”. We are usually on the same page, speak the same esthetic language and the same codes are important to us. We receive a lot of pitches and we are really picky. Among all these wonderful designers we do find from time to time the ONE collection that excites us and this grows and changes our portfolio continuously.

How would you describe your style?

My style is puristic and “sorted”. I mostly wear dresses and skirts, sometimes classic manufactured trousers and really really rarely denim. And I have a coat spleen. Each season I fall love with at least five styles from my collections. Really Bad!!! I rarely like prints on me, if I do I wear prints by my designer Christian Wijnants. I love creme tones, but mostly black and navy are my favorites.

Which basics would you recommend for every woman?

That´s easy “the little black dress”. I already told you that dresses are my personal “essential”. Because I am travelling a lot, I am looking at it pragmatically: You don´t have to combine dresses, most of the time they are more comfortable than combinations and black always works.

Then of course a perfect coat, a good handbag and elegant flats. I am a total quality fanatic – which isn´t about brands, but excellent manufacturing and fabrics. I can rarely find something appealing with high-street and fast fashion.

Do you wear jewelry?

Since I like it puristic and simple, I mostly wear only one piece of jewelry. 

Do you have a VIERI favorite?

Yes, The ring beauty! It is beautifully classic.

You are travelling a lot – Do you have a secret favorite city?

In nearly every city I ask myself if I could live there for a while. I really love to be in Paris and London and luckily I am there a couple of times a year. My secret favorite is Florence. I just love Italy and the life there.

You have been self-employed 2013. What was the biggest challenge and what have you learned about yourself during this time?

There are always and always new challenges. Its difficult to name the biggest, because tomorrow there is probably the next big one waiting. That’s what makes being independent so interesting and you develop continuously. What I learned the most is to listen to my gut. The first feeling is rarely mistaken. And this makes me as a rather rational type more confident to deal with it.

Beautiful things surround you every day, to which degree did your attitude change towards them?

Actually it doesn´t.  I am aware how privileged I am to actually be surrounded by these beautiful things on a daily basis. I am eagerly waiting for the moment where the new collections are presented to me and I can´t imagine that that will ever change.

Will you give us your 5 favorite shops, restaurant, cafés or places where you find inspiration and where you feel comfortable?

I can´t really narrow it down in Berlin. Luckily there are continuously new shops, restaurants or cafés and I love to discover new things. In other cities I am way more consistent: In Paris I love to sit at the Café Charlot and watch Japanese fashion people; in Munich I like to go to Schumanns, that´s just sooo Munich to me and the Schnitzel is fantastic; the Gigli in Florence for breakfast, for an Aperitivo and Drinks to “in piazza”; in Vienna at the “Palmenhaus” I daydream about having a showroom at a classicistic greenhouse and in regards to interior I enthuse at Sketch London.

If you could fulfill one dream today, what would it be?

My dream is to decorate a small palazzo in Italy, from where I could work one half of the month with my Italian team. The other half of the month I would be in Berlin where everything should continue to develop further just like it does at the moment. I am just really happy with my current day-to-day life!