Tell us a little something about „Gretas Schwester“...

Gretas Schwester was founded in 2014 and is a label for special stationary and gifts with a focus on sustainability. Our products range from baby books to enamel cups to posters and rattles. Each illustration is made by hand. I started it as an online shop and since January 2016 I also own a store in Berlin. The name patron of Gretas Schwester is a little girl named Anuk that experiences many great adventures with a wale called Greta. Her story is hopefully getting published as a children’s book this year.

How did you discover illustrating?

I always liked to draw and spend hours drawing houses including furniture and the inhabitants. I was always tremendously happy, when I got my hands on a big sheet of paper. Later I realized that I had a talent when it came to sketching stories and not to just start drawing away. Whenever I read a good book, listen to a great song or a thrilling audio book my fingers start to tingle and really want to create worlds around it.

How do you choose your motives?

Often times I am inspired by my travels or nature. The motives are of course often times influenced by current trends, sometimes they came to me very personally and I further developed them into products.

What is your personal favorite product?

Noah the wale is my favorite product. He was one of the first amongst the wild and he is a really great cuddle and play companion. Furthermore we now donate 1€ of each sold wale to the WDC, an organization that is protecting wales, which is something really important to me!

What is special about developing products for kids?

Kids have phantasy and develop their very own ideas. My fox doesn´t have to be anatomically correct and, it doesn´t matter if the color isn´t close to the natural one. You can be free and you receive the most honest feedback there is.



What are your three favorite places in Berlin?

I love my neighborhood Schöneberg. There is my favorite ice cream parlor (Jones Icecream), my own StudioStore and the record shop that I trust (Dodo Beach). I also love visiting the Natural History Museum or I sit inside the greenhouse of the Botanical Garden.

What do you think about sustainability?

Privately as well as with Gretas Schwester I try to act as sustainable as possible. We often times use recycled paper and eco cotton for our products, produce everything in Germany and we don´t use any plastic but nature friendly materials for our packaging. I ride my bike to work and when I buy clothes I am looking for environmental friendly materials. Sustainability is important and one should always keep in mind, that we only have this one world and that we should be handing it over as beautiful or even more beautiful to our little ones.

Of course we want to know if you like to wear jewelry and if you have a favorite piece?

I love jewelry! But I do keep things simple. I have been wearing a small little sperm whale for ages and just recently added a family heirloom (an old ring on a chain) from the family of my boyfriend around my neck. I don´t like myself with earrings and I rarely wear rings, because they bother me when I am drawing. My wrists are adorned with a couple of friendship bracelets.

Which VIERI piece is your favorite?

My favorite piece is the Clouds Ring Stackable. The ring is so beautiful, creative and truly different to everything that I ever saw in regards to jewelry.