Archive Sale

Archive Sale

FOURI will be bolder. FOURI made in Germany. FOUR golden.

In the last few weeks we have completely changed our production so that we no longer have delivery bottlenecks and can now produce 100% in Germany.

Not only does our goldsmith make your jewelry in Germany, we have also found a way to have our iconic cloud cut in Idar-Oberstein.

We have also adjusted our designs a little and made our jewelry even richer, so that no more compromises have to be made! More weight, more gold - of course 100% ethical - and an even higher quality finish. In addition, our Tiny Cloud Collection will be replaced and expanded by the Mid Cloud Collection.

The rising raw material prices and the relocation of production to Germany are forcing us to adjust our prices significantly. At the same time you get more jewels, German craftsmanship and 100% impact.

For everyone who loved our sparkling little things: don't worry, we thought of you too and thought of something here. Stay tuned!

While stocks last.