In order to conserve resources, we only produce after an order has been placed. Our factory usually needs 4-6 weeks including shipping to you. If there is a time-critical date, please contact us and we will see if we can make it happen :)

Shipping within Germany takes place regardless of the value of the goods and is always free.

Deliveries to EU and non-EU countries* up to a goods value of €500 are always free, up to a goods value of €2,500 shipping costs €21 and up to a goods value of €25,000 it costs €60.

*EU and non-EU countries: Albania, Andorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Romania, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Vatican City, Belarus, Cyprus.

For shipments to other countries in the world , please send us an email to .

As soon as we have shipped the package, we will give you a personal tracking number that you can use to check the status of your shipment on the UPS website.

Our shipping costs include insurance costs. This means that the jewelry is insured until the goods are handed over.

Returns to us cost €17.00. Please contact us at for a return label. If you are not satisfied with a product, this can be done at any time within 14 days of receipt of the shipment. Please note that we can only issue a voucher for Candy Rings and One of a Kind Rings due to the custom-made nature. The goods must be in their original condition and in perfect condition.

Please contact us via if you would like to return or cancel your order. We will then send you a return label to print out yourself for insured return transport. Please note that you can ONLY send the package within Germany with UPS. If you want to use another provider, please note that we accept no liability in the event of a loss. An insured return is borne by the buyer and costs 17.00 euros

In order to conserve resources, if you have any doubts or concerns, please contact us at any time to help you with size, different wearing options, combinations or other concerns. 🙂

Candy rings, one-of-a-kind rings and custom-made items are excluded from returns. However, we issue a voucher for this so that everyone is happy in the end. The goods must be in their original condition and in perfect condition.


You can pay with us by credit card or direct debit, both of which we process exclusively via PAYPAL. For other payment options, please contact us at

We cooperate with Ivy. With Ivy's sustainable payment method, you pay directly from your online banking. How to help shops save payment fees. Ivy uses these savings to finance environmental projects with every transaction. From now on, we'll plant at least one tree with every purchase when you pay with Ivy.


Please contact us at and we will send you a ring sizer.

If you need to change your ring size, you can contact us at any time at The deductible for shipping, handling and size changes is EUR 45.00 plus shipping.

For a repair, please contact us at and we will be happy to tell you the nearest authorized workshop or repair option.

Your personal data will of course be treated confidentially and kept under lock and key.

Every order is shipped in a VIERI gift box. For special information, please use the contact field or simply send us an email with your order number to .

We offer individual consultation appointments as a gift or for you personally. Please contact us at or use our booking portal.

We would also be happy to create a piece of jewelry for you based on your personal ideas. Please contact us at and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

We are happy to create a personal engraving upon request. Please contact us in advance at .

When you order on you will receive a VIERI certificate of authenticity.


All of our sustainable jewelry creations are made exclusively from 18 carat recycled rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. We buy the majority of this gold from our partner Closing The Loop . CLP has set itself the goal of reducing electronic waste and bringing metals processed into it, such as gold, back into the natural cycle through 'urban mining'.

We buy this gold to process our products and have only used so-called Handy Gold since 2022.

Our colored, fair-trade gemstones are of the highest quality. They come from transparent sources, from responsibly acting "fair mining" mines, or are vintage stones from the Merkle family's almost 100-year legacy, which are being reprocessed and interpreted today.

Our sapphires come from our partner Ceylons Munich and are fair trade raw stones from Sri Lanka. The sapphires are mined in an environmentally friendly manner and hand-picked with the utmost care - for the finest colors and purity. In our Cloud Collection we use quartz stones that are cut in Idar-Oberstein.

The Amore diamonds are GIA certified CanadaMark© diamonds, which come from Northern Canada. They stand for purity, responsibility and authenticity. What is special is that they are produced sustainably and carefully. What makes them unique is the laser engraving in the girdle of your diamond, which allows you to trace the diamond's path. Find out more here .

Our production facility is located in Berlin, Germany. We value craftsmanship, traditional manufacturing and short supply chains. The proximity to our goldsmiths enables us to be close to the product at all stages of production in order to be able to respond to the individual wishes of our customers. We maintain long-standing personal relationships with our producers and together we ensure that all VIERI pieces of jewelry are manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Our motto is: To conserve resources, gold needs to be taken out of the drawers and back into the cycle.

We would therefore be happy to receive a photo of your treasures, which you can send to Please send us the carat information - if available - and which piece of jewelry you are interested in from us. We will then discuss everything else with you.


Real jewelry has the wonderful property of being easy to wear at any time, but there are still some tips.
Fine particles of cosmetics that cannot be removed with a quick wash can settle in hard-to-reach places and combine to form a corrosive mixture that, in the long term, could lead to premature wear of the metal.
Repeated contact with cleaning products or insecticides can also damage pearls and some gemstones. Gold is also irreversibly damaged by products containing mercury (type merbromin), and special care should be taken here.

Be sure to avoid friction. It is important not to subject the piece of jewelry to pressure, otherwise small scratches or dents may occur.
Friction can occur if, for example, several pieces of jewelry are placed on top of each other or are worn on the same finger.
Keep your jewelry away from sources of intense heat and X-rays or radioactive radiation.
In general, jewelry should be removed when working in the house or garden, while exercising, showering or going to the sauna, and on the beach, etc. to avoid bumps or scratches.

When you travel, make sure to always pack your jewelry well. Ideally in a jewelry roll with a soft inlay. Chains should be closed and stored flat to avoid tangling.
Gemstones become harder over time and are therefore more susceptible to scratches. Make sure to always store your jewelry individually and never store them together, as this can cause friction, causing scratches or damage.
Pearls are considered to be very sensitive and can lose their shine and become very dull even after slight contact with cosmetics such as hairspray, cream or perfume. After wearing, it is best to rub the delicate pieces of jewelry with a wool or velvet cloth.

Your jewelry should be cleaned regularly. If you are extremely dirty, you are welcome to contact us or your trusted jeweler. Especially in the case of delicate stones such as pearls and emeralds, the jewelry should be cleaned carefully and only professionally.
Of course, you can also clean your piece of jewelry yourself from time to time so that it always looks its best in your everyday life. For pearls and sensitive stones, it is sufficient to rub the jewelry with a slightly damp, soft cloth.
For heavier dirt, use a small bowl of lukewarm water and a little soap (everyday hand soap or dishwashing liquid are ideal). Simply leave your jewelry overnight and then rinse it with lukewarm, clean water. Then simply rub your piece of jewelry dry with a soft cloth (e.g. tea towel or microfiber cloth). Now it should shine nicely again.