How can I bid?
You can view all the rings offered in our auctions without registering on the Internet.
As soon as you want to take an active part in the auction, you must register with VIERI with your personal email address.

Create an account

I'm in Berlin during the auction period. Can I view the rings on site?
We are delighted that you are interested and would be happy to show you the rings in person if possible. Please write to us at info@vieri.com . We will then make an appointment with you to view the property. Write to us how we can best reach you.

Until when do your auctions run?
You can bid for all four rings until March 8th.

Where can I see if my bid has been accepted?
In your account you can see the status of the current auction(s) in which you have participated.

We will also send you an automatic e-mail with your bid.

Can I choose my bid freely or are bidding steps specified?
You are free to choose your bid amount, it just has to be in increments of at least €100.00.

How do I know I've been outbid?
You will automatically receive an email notification from us if you have been outbid. You can also view the status of your current bids in your account under "Current auctions".

How do I increase my bid?
Just enter a higher bid, you cannot bid against yourself if you are logged in with your personal account.

Can I cancel a bid that has been placed?
The bid you submit is binding. In principle, it cannot be cancelled. Please write to us at info@vieri.com if you have any additional questions or if unauthorized third parties have gained access to your account so that we can block it immediately.

What does automatic bid mean?
With the automatic bid you can place your maximum bid in advance. The auction is then continued in steps of 100 and you automatically continue to bid without actively submitting a new bid. Once you have reached your maximum limit, your bidding will automatically stop and you will receive a notification that you have been outbid or that you have won the auction.

How do I know if I've been awarded the contract?
You can see your bids in your account under "Auctions won". We also send an automatically generated email. If you have been outbid, you will also be informed by e-mail.

How can I pay?
Upon receipt of the invoice, you have various payment options to choose from: We prefer payment via Paypal. You can also pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard), EC card or via instant transfer.

To ask?
We are always at your disposal for any questions: please send your inquiries to info@vieri.com . We will then get in touch with you immediately. And write to us how we can best reach you.