Tiny Cloud Bangle

1.938 EUR

Tax included.

material: 18k yellow gold
Color: Milkey

Discover the Tiny Cloud Bangle - an 18k gold masterpiece set with sparkling diamonds and a cloud of milky or smoky quartz. The delicate cloud shape gives your wrist a unique elegance. A timeless piece of jewelry that subtly underlines your personality and is perfect for any occasion. Treat yourself or someone special to this luxurious expression of style and sophistication.

  • 18 carat recycled & CO2-neutral gold (company C.Hafner)
  • 2 mm wide, 45 mm high & 60 mm inner diameter corresponds to an 18.5
  • Milky or smoky quartz, hand-cut in Idar-Oberstein
  • 58 brilliants total 0.232ct. fw/SI in brilliant cut

We do not only use ethically sound materials, but rather strive primarily to bring about significant change and take action in areas that are of eminent importance.

We use CO2-neutral, ethical gold from our partner C.Hafner . This gold is a 0 emissions product. This means that this product is already neutral on its own balance sheet and does not need to be additionally compensated.

What does actually mean? CanadaMark© diamonds certified?

The GIA certified CanadaMark© diamonds come from Northern Canada. They stand for purity, responsibility and authenticity. What is special is that they are produced sustainably and carefully. What makes them unique is the laser engraving in the girdle of your diamond from 0.50 ct, which allows you to trace the diamond's path. Find out more here . 

We donate with every piece of jewelry sold to the independent foundation Earthbeat Foundation . In this way, we not only offer our customers the opportunity to become part of the change and support this initiative with every purchase, but we also close a meaningful cycle in which we give back and thus offer opportunities for change.

We are also a proud partner of the World Gold Days .

Every piece of jewelry you purchase from us is individually made in our factory. We attach great importance to the highest quality and produce with great dedication and without concessions. Therefore we have to plan a delivery time of around 6 weeks.

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