What makes engagement rings so special? Nowadays, we understand engagement rings primarily as a symbol of endless love for another person. Always linked to the question of whether your partner wants to spend eternity with you. In this ceremony, the ring is a manifestation of the "yes" to a shared future. Often with a magnificent diamond in the center and a solitaire ring band, the ring symbolizes the promise, shared hopes, but also dreams and wishes for a shared, endless life. The value of this ring transcends all material things and is, in a certain way, also a bearer of hope.

Our approach: The hope for a better world.

Why are VIERI Fine Jewellery engagement rings different? We believe that the love of a ring begins in the design and manufacturing process, not when the ring is finished. Therefore, the beauty of our engagement rings is not only defined by their perfection in every detail of the design, but above all by their ethical value.

Starting with the extraction of our CO2-neutral recycled gold from our responsible partner C. Hafer, to our certified CanadaMark© diamonds. Unlike conventional or lab-grown diamonds, these natural diamonds can be traced back to their original mine and are mined there under the strictest environmental regulations. Because we also understand how personal and emotional each engagement ring can be for the wearer, we offer our customers complete freedom of personalization. Whether engraving or even your own design wishes - we take them into account and implement them together with you.

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We and the Earthbeat Foundation

To ensure that all of our business activities also have an impact on global challenges, we donate and invest in the Earthbeat Foundation . This partnership enables us to make a positive contribution with every piece of jewelry we create. The Earthbeat Foundation is strongly committed to social justice and environmental protection in gold mining.