In a world that is moving ever faster, consumption is also increasing exponentially. Whether fashion, lifestyle products or jewelry - the question is: Why always keep everything new when you can invest in long-lasting quality goods or give old treasures a second chance?

Especially when it comes to jewelry, it makes sense to reduce the consumption of costume jewelry and invest in real jewelry instead. Real jewelry lasts a lifetime and, depending on the craftsmanship and quality, can even last for generations. This not only contributes to more resource-efficient consumption, but also relieves pressure on people and nature.

It doesn't always have to be a new purchase route. Look in drawers, cupboards and maybe even safes. There are often valuable treasures hidden there, waiting to be discovered and worn again.

The topic of recycling is also an important aspect, especially when it comes to things made from valuable resources. Real jewelry has the advantage that it can be recycled. Gold, for example, can always be melted down and reprocessed.

We at VIERI do exactly that. Bring your old jewelry or old gold to us and create new favorite pieces together with us and our founder Guya Merkle. By using scrap gold and gold from urban mining, unique, resource-saving pieces of jewelry are created.

And for us the key to everything: respect!

Behind every material good are finite raw materials and hours of hard work. We are committed to respecting these resources and treating them accordingly. This doesn't stop with the purchase. Measures such as recycling old gold and avoiding newly mined gold relieve the burden on miners and nature around the world. As an additional local contribution, we invest in the Earthbeat Foundation and thus set an example for impact maximization. The foundation advocates for systematic change in the gold industry to create a secure future for people and the environment.

In order to be part of this journey and relieve pressure on people and nature, all you need to do is rethink your own consumption and rediscover old treasures or have them reprocessed by responsible bodies.