Finally the moment has come! For weeks we've been planning, searching for ideas and throwing them out, thinking about how we can put something together, that truly expresses what VIERI means to us. Something that is dedicated to our biggest inspiration - women in their wonderful diversity - hello. #fouriwomen .

To celebrate accordingly, we invited some of our favorite #vieriwomen to talk about delicious soul food by "Stella", who they are inspired by and about the importance of ethical and conscious manufacturing. Because naturally our jewelry is made out of ethically sourced gold and every purchase of the Respect the Beautiful collection supports the work of the earthbeat foundation.

After lunch our #vieriwomen went straight into the wonderful hands of our make-up artist Sophie Uehla followed by a photoshoot with the one and only Jules from the blog HerzundBlut. The girls had the choice between three different engraved necklaces: "Respect Magic" , "Respect Fairytales" and "Respect Love" . A truly wonderful day with inspiring women - Nike & Sarah from This is Jane Wayne, Madeleine (DariaDaria), Desi&Nesi (Teetharejade), Jasmin (Madametamtam) and Rebecca (Elfenkind), that showed us exactly why these differences, the diversity, each characteristic and the personal styles are our greatest inspiration. And for those among you who would like to have even more, you can have your very own personal motto engraved on one of our necklaces.

We wish you a whole lot of joy with our Respect the Beautiful collection and are looking forward to an exciting journey with our #vieriwomen .