“It needs a radical simplification. Make it simple!” This is the idea of ​​the fascinating Micha Fritz , co-founder of “Viva con Agua”, initiator of the Millerntor Gallery, supporter of Goldeimer and loving husband and father. The idea of ​​a social, ethical world in which more common good comes first. 

Micha and our founder Guya have known each other since 2009, which is why this is a very special episode for us. Both share a desire to make the world a little better and a deep friendship. There is even a close connection to Micha Fritz with the Earthbeat Foundation, which is supported by every piece of jewelry you sell. Back then, almost ten years ago, Micha traveled to Uganda with Steffen Gerdes, a filmmaker, and made a film there about the conditions in the gold mines. At that time there was no protection for the miners: no shoes, no vests, no helmets - but an 18 meter deep shaft in which they worked in extreme darkness and without protection. This film was the cornerstone of all Earthbeat Foundation activities.

In the new episode you will experience the likeable “conception activist” as he really is - incredibly funny, radical, warm and also a little hyperactive. As a co-founder of Viva con Agua, you will of course also learn about the attitude towards water, but above all why you should drink tap water. Of course, we also created a ring in this episode, which will be auctioned off at the end of the year. We can reveal one thing: He is currently shouting “water”. Take a look, get inspired, learn something new.