Half of my life.

Last week I met a new family member - a really nice man full of wise words, humor and really good taste - especially regarding interior design. The father of my sisters' boyfriend is an interior designer with clients from all over the world. He was telling us with wonderful words about all the teak wood treasures that are buried in Bali, the craftsman who make rugs of 1001 nights and presented me with catalogs full of design decorations by Berlin based artist Klaus Dupont , which are nearly impossible to beat in regards to the fantasy, shape and coloring and it seems that Klaus Dupont has a cabinet full of our planets wonders. Chrystal skulls are placed on Murano pearls and bronze horses topped with feathers of birds from paradise. Everything was so poetically put together to something big and new that it made my heart jump with joy. “This object needs are very special room”, the father told me. He couldn't possibly know how right he was. We of course met in an aesthetical and superb culinary environment – ​​because our apartment is everything but “Schöner Wohnen” not even considering “Elle Deco” or “AD”. Small, cozy and cram-full. I consider myself as a “residential pig with a collecting instinct” – and that's not because I am blind or deaf.
Quite the opposite. I love beautiful things. So much so that I love to have them all around me. Currently I am sitting on a designer couch at our pretty fireplace closely surrounded by exactly seven half a meter high stacks of magazines. One to keep (I mean who throws a 2007 POP Magazine issue with Lindsay Lohan on the cover in the trash?), one stack for “vision boards” (my secret tool to plan the future), one for the trash, one to maybe keep one for replacement vision boards, one to maybe throw away and one to, hm, read.
You get the picture. I am fighting a steady and nearly impossible fight against material abundance and the mess that surrounds me. Regularly I try to put everything in order which is mostly accompanied with buying something new like a rainbow colored paper tray. Or a Feng Shui book. My heart buddy is way more radical than I am - he throws everything unnecessary on one pile. Preferably the whole content of a bathroom cabinet or sometimes I come home and the beds are moved to a new location. I don't have to tell you how exhausting this is for a creature of habit like me while being a zodiac sign cancer which makes me a total “homie”.
Our little son Kosmo told us with the philosophy of a four year old "tidiness isn't good, because you loose everything" - and man he is right. Apart from that I could also start making sculptures of my conglomerations…