Dear Isabel, many will already know you from your blogzine Little Years . Do you mind introducing yourself anyways?

I'm Isabel, 35 years old and mom of two kids. Originally, I'm from Munich but I've now settled in Berlin. And actually I studied politics and worked in the social sciences sector, but now I mainly focus on lifestyle and mom topics. That just somehow happened.

In your blog you mainly portray moms who are especially good at finding the balance between work and kids. What's your opinion about other models, or rather; do you think a stay-at-home mom can be modern today too?

Could be, but she almost definitely doesn't have a modern man! Of course it is regarded as more modern nowadays if a mom is also working and isn't just mom and housewife. But everybody has different notions, interests, and desires. I'm actually not focused on the “modern woman”, but on the modern family. That means that women AND men can have the opportunity to combine having kids and a job, that dads are not only responsible for the good night kiss, but are actively involved in the family. Having kids, organizing a family, and keeping the house work at bay, is hard work, which is unpaid, and without pension benefits but that is very fulfilling, but it can be really exhausting and boring at times. It's simply not fair if women have to take care of all of this alone. If everybody helps and supports each other and no one is left short – that's what I call modern.

You have a son and a daughter. Is there something in particular that you want to equip your daughter with, in these times, or that you want to do when she is old enough?

Of course: I want to tell and show her that she has all the opportunities. That she can be a ballet dancer, but theoretically also a computer programmer or chancellor, if that's what she wants. And also that she should never, ever let her be reduced to her looks, never! I try to go against the gender typing of kids, I tend to buy more neutral toys, but I also love pink. It's a beautiful colour. And to be honest, I think it's a greater challenge raising a boy. Boys tend to have “manly attitudes” quite early on, that I really don't like. My son is quite drawn to weapons, he loves to compare his strengths, and so forth. It seems to me as if turning a boy into a good man is a greater task, then raising a girl to be a self-confident woman…

VIERI exclusively uses recycled or ethically sourced gold and the respect towards the people involved in sourcing the materials is of the highest importance. In your opinion, what role does the topic of sustainability play in the consumer behavior of young parents today?

I guess it is becoming more and more important. But you have to look closely: What does sustainability mean? Not driving a car? Buy regionally and recycle your waste? For me personally, it's a mix of all that. Being aware of how you live and how you consume. It helps me to repeatedly watch myself and to make myself aware of things.

Where do you personally find it harder to focus on sustainability, or rather, where do you think more improvements are needed to make sustainable products more attractive?

Oh, we could do much more in all areas of life. Meat consumption is one of the most terrible things for our earth, everyone should be aware of that. If I think about how much meat is produced and consumed in this country, I feel really queasy. No one has to eat meat five times a week. We should ride our bikes more and use our cars less. We should be aware of what we consume and think twice about, if a shirt for five euros is really a good idea. By the way, that's the part I'm struggling most with. I don't have a car, do my shopping quite consciously, recycle my waste, and I live reasonably "sustainable". But I LOVE to go clothes shopping and I do go on trips to far away places many times a year. These are my “sustainability sins”…

And what can be done to make sustainability more attractive? I think awareness needs to be built, and that doesn't happen over night. It is a very long process. Education plays a large part but many producers simply have to stop just focusing on profits – less is more!

Can you give us one piece of advice, that was given to you, and that you would like to pass on?

Everything happens for a reason - I tell myself that almost every day. Especially if something stupid happens…

How would you describe your style and what role does jewelery play in it?

Mmmm, I'm quite undecided on that. Sometimes more classic, sometimes boho. I love breaks in style: Paring Doc Martens to a frilled dress, a leather jacketed to a pants suit. And I wear little and only subtle jewellery, I own a few beautiful gold necklaces and a few beautiful rings, many a present from my man. That's it.

What is your favorite piece of jewelery and what to you associate with it?

I inherited my grandmothers engagement ring, a gold ring with small rubies and diamonds. I love it because it represents my Bavarian roots, but also because my grandmother was such a strong and amazing woman.

Do you have a VIERI favorite?

I really like the clouds collection – especially the stackable rings !

Would you tell us your 5 favorite Instagram profiles, blogs, or interior shops? Where do you find most inspiration?

Oh, it's not that simple – I'm quite active on Instagram, I post a lot but browse less. I like many fashion profiles such as the one from Giovanna Engelbert ( @bat_gio ), or Natasha Goldenberg ( @ngoldenberg ). There are thousands of inspiring moms on Instagram, my favorites are Katrien ( @growingwildthings ) and of course Courtney Adamo ( @courtneyadamo ). I also follow many foodies, for example Rachel Khoo ( @rachelkhooks ). I don't really find interior shops inspiring; I count on Pinterest for that. Pinterest is amazing.