"My tolerance for injustice is close to zero." A sentence that comes from Kristina Lunz, but speaks very deeply to us. Kristina Lunz, co-founder and co-CEO of the Center for Feminist Foreign Policy , is something we should all remember when it comes to women's rights, justice and feminist foreign policy.
She has just published her first book, The Future of Foreign Policy Is Feminist, in which she boldly exchanges realpolitik, which is primarily determined by old, white, Western men, for utopias. In her feminist politics, mediation in peace negotiations, feminist power analyzes and climate justice are among the keys to creating a coexistence of nations in which we could all live more safely and with fewer conflicts. 

We are honored that Kristina is our first VIERI Women!

From activist to activist: Guya talks to her about her new book, but above all about feminist foreign policy. What is that, actually? How can this help us as a society? They also explain why marketing campaigns such as #sustainability or #feminism ultimately stop the actually important issues more than actually bringing about change here. 

If you want to be an activist yourself but don't know how, Kristina gives you tips to make the world a little better yourself. An episode about courage, the necessary change and the willpower of one person.