Today we wanna introduce you to a woman, who we find extremely inspiring: calligrapher Natalia aka Milia Ink .

How does one become a calligrapher?

... by following your heart and making your passion your job. I believe that passion and discipline are the key elements to be successful. I spent my first school years in Russia, where teachers focused a lot on a beautiful and rolling handwriting. I always liked that a lot which is why digital communication sometimes makes me sad. Although it's scientifically proven that written lines make hearts beat faster! I taught myself everything that I know about calligraphy, I never went to a course or studied the art of it. Other professional calligraphers probably think I am nuts and that my brushwork isn´t great but I paint my letters with all my heart and feelings and as you can see, people like it really much.

Can you tell us a little something about the way you work? From an idea, what tools do you use until you have a finished product?

Most of the time the requests are very specific – I am asked to draw names for weddings or birth announcements in a beautiful writing. Companies ask for invitations for a special event or smaller businesses ask for a more personal company logo - the range I work in is pretty wide. At first I sketch freely to see what is possible with the words followed by some more concrete designs. I don't use specific brushes or feathers, my assortment of brushes and feathers changes from time to time, but I mostly use a regular fountain pen or an oblique one. But as always learning by doing and going after what feels good in one's hand, which sometimes can be a thick brush.

What fascinates you about the work?

The diversity of the requests I get and the personal contact with my clients is really great and that I get in touch with a variety of inspiring human beings. But I am also cherishing the calm and the nearly meditative state I get into when working with a brush and ink.

Can you recommend an entry-level kind of work for those of us who are not blessed with a beautiful handwriting?

As I said I am an autodidact which is why I don´t know any books or other working tools that I can recommend. But for those who are interested in researching online might help, for example look for the blogs and websites of famous calligraphers. And speaking from experience just start drawing and copying the work of others is a great start.

If you had to describe your character with a font how would it look like?

That's hard to tell but I would definitely choose a light-footed and elated one.

In which city do you live and do you have a favorite place there?

I live in Wolfsburg and really cherish the culture that the city has to offer, which is often affiliated with Volkswagen. Definitely on my yearly to-do list is the Movimentos Festival with a variety of jazz and classic concerts, world-class dance recitals or the many exhibitions that often inspire me and open up new perspectives.

Do you like to wear jewellery?

I do, but really simple designs. I cherish my valuable watch, a one carat ring that I received as a gift with the birth of my daughter and a couple of fine bracelets with personal memories.

Silver or gold?

At the moment its gold.

Elegant or statement pieces?

Elegant. But with a simple black dress I won't say not oa statement ring.

Last but not least – your favorite book at the moment?

At the moment I am reading "The Secret Story" by Donna Tartt. Brilliantly composed and just an excellent read.

Photos: Milia Ink.