Choosing a wedding ring marks a significant milestone in a couple's life, a journey full of love, devotion and connection. This exclusive blog article takes you through the world of modern, timeless wedding rings and highlights the challenges couples face when making this special choice. We take a look at the VIERI ethics and sustainability that characterize each of our masterpieces.

The VIERI ethics and sustainability: masterpieces with depth

From the very beginning, VIERI has relied on the cornerstones of ethics and sustainability, which are reflected in each of our wedding rings. Our 18K recycled gold rings embody not only timeless beauty but also a deeper meaning. With every purchase you support the Earthbeat Foundation and help bring about real change in the gold industry.

Find the budget balance

The search for the perfect wedding ring often begins with determining your budget. The challenge is to find the balance between impeccable craftsmanship and financial prudence. Our experts recommend clearly defining your budget and choosing rings that are aesthetically impressive while also complying with VIERI's ethical values.

The symbiosis of style and preferences

Our customers have demanding style preferences, and the challenge is to find a wedding ring that not only meets the individual preferences of both partners, but also forms a harmonious whole. Our experts are available to advise you on how to realize your shared vision, while aligning ourselves with VIERI’s ethical principles.

Considered fit and limitless comfort

VIERI's Amore wedding rings are not only aesthetic masterpieces, but are also carefully tailored to your individual ring size to perfectly fit your lifestyle.

The choice of quality and durability

A sustainable wedding ring is an investment that lasts forever. We place the highest value on first-class materials and craftsmanship in line with our philosophy. This ensures not only the longevity of the rings, but also their timeless beauty that will last for generations.

Questions about wedding rings

  • How much should you spend on wedding rings? Expenses vary, but the importance of quality and sustainability is emphasized.

  • Do sustainable wedding rings cost more? There are no price discrepancies compared to conventional brands because our margin is deliberately calculated to be lower.

  • Which wedding rings last the longest? Wedding rings made from first-class materials such as 14 or 18 carat recycled gold are characterized by their durability.

  • Why is the wedding ring worn on the left? Traditionally it is worn on the left because it is believed that a vein leads directly to the heart - the seat of love.

A final word: A journey of connection

Wedding ring shopping may present challenges, but these obstacles are the key to a true connection. Our Amore wedding rings are not just symbols of love, but the results of passion, care and the highest craftsmanship, in line with VIERI ethics and sustainability. With our help, you can overcome these challenges and find rings that reflect your love in timeless splendor.

Discover our exclusive AMORE collection of sustainable wedding rings, inspired by VIERI ethics and sustainability. For further information and personal advice, visit our website at We are at your side to pave the way to the perfect wedding rings for you and your partner.